What is R/CITY?

R/CITY is the local outward focus ministry of Redemption Church Alhambra. There are several ministries under the umbrella of R City: Dinner With the City, Redemption Cares, Open Gym, Breakfast for the City, The Program and Urban Arts. Collectively these ministries make up R/CITY.

Dinner with the City

DWTC is an outward focus ministry that brings in people from our city into our church facility. The primary focus is for the homeless of our city however, our secondary focus which is those in need that may not be homeless participate on a regular basis as well.

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Redemption Cares

Redemption Care is an outward focus ministry that supplies Alhambra’s congregation and the city of Alhambra with food, clothes, information on temporary shelter, volunteer opportunities, and fellowship. It’s primary focus is those within the Alhambra community that needs immediate food or supplies. However, its secondary focus is anyone in need may come and use the resources made available to them.

Open Gym

Open Gym is designed to bring the city together in the Alhambra congregation’s gym to fellowship while playing basketball. The primary focus is to bring men of all ages together to display a tapestry of individuals coming together to do what they love in a place dedicated to the work of Christ. However, the secondary focus is to bring all people together that have a passion for the game to come and enjoy themselves with the understanding that it is because of the work of Christ that everyone is together in that gym at that particular moment.

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Breakfast For The City

BFTC is an outward focused ministry designed to feed those in our community a hot breakfast before Sunday Service. The primary focus is to care for our city not only spiritually but physically as well on Sundays when our church doors open.

The Program

The Program is a youth sports initiative designed to teach kids in our community the importance of God, Family, School, and Sports. It is a mentorship that not only trains a child on the field and on the court but also in life with a biblical worldview.

Urban Arts

Urban Arts is designed to be an outlet of expression for any type of artist in our community. There is an annual art gallery, concerts, mural paintings, art and music studios, and a community garden. The primary focus of this ministry is to glorify God through our many gifts and talents.


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