Redemption Alhambra
1830 W Glenrosa Ave
Phoenix, AZ 85015

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Sunday Services

Join us on Sundays at 9:00a and 11:00a. Kid's Ministry is provided for birth - fourth grade.


Each Redemption Church congregation is led by a team of local elders and staff. The unified body of Redemption (all congregations) is overseen by a Leadership Team.

Aaron Dailey

Lead Pastor of Redemption Alhambra
About Aaron

My wife’s name is Dana and we have been Married for 15 years. I have 5 children: 2 boys and 3 girls. Their names are Kyros, Ezra, Hadessah, Selah, Ariah.

I am a Pastor/Missionary Kid with 5 brothers. My family is a great blessing and has passed down a strong Godly heritage. God graciously worked on my heart and saved me from self-righteousness and pride. The Grace of God freed me from slavery and empowered me to be his son. I felt God’s calling to preach at the age of 14 years old. God has given me a heart for urban inner city Gospel ministry and so at the age of 24 we planted a church in Alhambra Village. Our heart has only grown as we have become apart of the neighborhood. We love what God is doing in us as we are daily experiencing God’s grace. After all these years of life in Jesus and pastoral ministry I am more aware of how much I need God’s grace.

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Wayne Wynter

Lead Pastor of Redemption Alhambra
About Wayne

I’ve been married to the woman of my dreams and my best friend Rasheedah since 1997. We have a beautiful family that we love deeply. Three children that live with us here in Arizona, and one that lives in New York. Their names are Aisha, Kwaseem, Serenity & Shakriyah – from oldest to youngest.

Rasheedah and I met in New York where we both grew up underprivileged minorities shaped by our environment with ties to the Islamic community.

As the son of Jamaican parents, growing up in the inner cities of New York, I was surrounded by both the Reggae and Hip-hop culture. I studied Rastafarianism and was heavily into Islam which grew into a specific focus on Nation of Islam.

By God’s grace, He opened both mine and my wife’s eyes to the truth of the gospel. I am constantly amazed by the weight, glory and implications of that truth. I have a deep desire to proclaim the truth of the gospel and see the fruits fleshed out through life-on-life application. I find no greater joy than seeing my family, people, culture and society shaped by those very truths. I believe God has called and set my life apart to labor in His vineyard for such a purpose.

Some of my favorite verses are Acts 17:26-28
26 And He made from one man every nation of mankind to live on all the face of the earth, having determined allotted periods and the boundaries of their dwelling place, 27 that they should seek God, and perhaps feel their way toward Him and find Him. Yet He is actually not far from each one of us, 28 for ‘In Him we live and move and have our being’.

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Kyle Campos

Worship Pastor
About Kyle

I was born and raised in Southern California where my father pastored in the Vineyard Church and my mother helped lead worship. Our family of 5 all played instruments and from a very early age I was writing songs and playing in bands. After moving to Santa Barbara right out of high school I met my beautiful girl Melissa and married her in 2001. A couple years later our first son, Owen, was born and we soon decided to relocate to Phoenix.

In 2004 we started attending what was then known as New Generation Church which eventually because Redemption Alhambra. Melissa started serving in Kids Church and I started serving on the worship band. Many years later and a couple more kids later(enter Hailey and Adia) my family continues to be overjoyed in serving this body in any capacity we can. Currently I lead the band Our Rising Sound, am part of our elder team and help manage our finances.

My family loves this church, we love our people and feel honored to be called to this community.

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Joshua Dailey

Community and Missions Pastor
About Joshua

In 2002 I married my high school sweetheart, Christy and we have 5 beautiful children – Ethan, Avden, Haven, Evangeline and Noella Grace.

We moved to Phoenix in 2006 to work with youth in Alhambra. I love this city, I love the people and I love calling Arizona home.

As a small business owner and the Community and Missions Pastor at Redemption Alhambra, I have a deep passion for seeing the gospel at work in all areas of life, from family and recreation to the arts and work.

By overseeing Redemption Communities and global engagement, I am able to participate in developing communities that display Jesus through gathered worship, living life together and serving the city.




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Jim Gilbert

Advising Elder
About Jim

Coming soon…

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John DelHousaye

Elder of Spiritual Formation
About John

John DelHousaye grew up in Arizona and has been shepherding the local church since 1999. For twenty years, he taught at Phoenix Seminary and is now Professor of Bible and Theology at Arizona Christian University as well as theologian-in-residence at the Spiritual Formation Society of Arizona and Surge Network.

His wife, Tiffany, is the Center Manager of the Phoenix branch of Hope Women’s Center. They have three children. The author of several books, John also expresses his faith through painting and hosting retreats.

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Juan Chavez

About Juan

Jesus rescued and redeemed my life on June 15th, 2008. God immediately gave me a desire to work within my community in South Phoenix and Laveen and has graciously provided opportunities to do so.

I married my lovely wife, Christina, in 2013. We’ve experienced much loss but are now blessed with our three children Jael, Violet and Jacob.

Apart from pastoring at Redemption Alhambra, I run a non-profit organization called AZ Reach, working with high school students. I work with several non-profits in Phoenix and enjoy serving in the inner-city. Next May I will graduate with a Master’s Degree in Missional Theology.

I love spending quality time with my family, drinking coffee, and listening to good music.

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Rochto Joassin

Youth Pastor
About Rochto

I’m married to my best friend, Wandaline, and together we have three beautiful children whose names are Micah and Kailand, and another child we’re excited to meet and name sometime in November.

By God’s grace, the Lord captured both my wife and I’s heart in our first year of college on September 26th, 2012. My wife and I have always shared a heart for marginalized communities and since our time in college, the Lord has gifted us with many opportunities to serve and love within communities such as these.

In 2017, our family moved from Florida to Arizona so I could pursue my Master’s Degree in Missional Theology at the Missional Training Center and served as youth leaders at Redemption Gilbert before the Lord called us to the community at Redemption Alhambra in 2019 to serve as student pastors. In addition to pastoring at Alhambra, the Lord has allowed me to expand reach and engagement with students within my community with opportunities to partner and serve alongside non-profits, churches, and schools.

I love spending time with my family, gathering with friends, playing basketball, eating, and listening to music.

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Gladys Perez

About Gladys

I was born in Los Angeles, California. I married my best friend, Miguel, in 2005. 

My family did not grow up in church, both of my parents passed away, but I can now say God was present throughout my life even when I didn’t know Him. He has reconstructed my heart and saved me from myself. His Grace has freed me from drug addiction and transformed my heart to love others the way He has loved me. 

Several years ago, I felt God’s calling to enter into the brokenness of others and stepped into the work and joy of foster care. God has given me a heart for kids in our city, and it became a ministry for my husband and me. I now have a family of 10 kids and a husband who constantly pursues me and leads me to Jesus! 

I’m grateful to be part of Redemption Alhambra! I don’t deserve what and who I have around me, but he gives it to me anyway.

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Miguel Perez

Community Pastor
About Miguel

I married my best friend Gladys 16 years ago. We currently have 10 children – Angel, Damian, Summer, Natelie, Jacob, Faith, Adrian, Isaac, Phoenix, and Demarcus. We are a BIG family!

About 8 years ago God called my wife and me into foster care. Something we never thought about. Even though we experience all the weight and emotions that come with doing foster care, it’s evident that God has been with us every step of the way. At times it is messy, but there is so much beauty because GOD is with us.

Even though I was raised in the church, I didn’t know Jesus. I turned to a false life of sin and darkness. I would do any drug you put in front of me. BUT GOD! About 15 years ago GOD stripped everything away from me and got my attention. He got my heart! He saved me! He showed me what real life in Him looks like. He showed me what true love is.

Not only has God given me the beautiful privilege of caring for our family at Redemption Alhambra, but I also get to care for and pastor the community that LORD has placed our church in. Even though Alhambra is known for its high crime and sex trafficking, it is our home. It is beautiful, GOD is moving, and we get to be part of what HE is doing. As I continue this life that God has called me into I pray that I’m a man going after God’s own heart.

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On Being a Local Congregation of Redemption Church


Redemption church is multi-congregational in structure. This means that a central governing body provides structure, direction, and support for the ministry of each local congregation. Local congregations, like Redemption Scottsdale, are united and collaborative, but each has its own leadership and is free to contextualize its efforts. Click on the link below to learn more about the overall structure of Redemption.

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We are a non-denominational church with a Reformed view of salvation. We believe that all of life is all for Jesus. We have been saved by grace through faith, which is itself a gift. That gift empowers us to be a transformed people who embody His redemptive power and participate in the renewal of all things.

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We are a sent people. As the church we are not called to turn inward and build our own kingdom. We are called to turn outward and give ourselves to the spread of the Gospel, the establishment of healthy local churches, and the multiplication of disciples. This is a call to invest beyond our church, beyond our tribe, and beyond our generation.

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Community and Global Initiatives

We strongly believe that all members of the body of Christ are sent people, called to proclaim and demonstrate the gospel to the world. Therefore our community and global efforts should never be limited to structured programs. However, in response to the needs in our community, and God's heart for the nations, we do build global partnerships and facilitate opportunities to participate in God's mission of blessing the nations in Christ.