Redemption Alhambra Church Family –

As we all know, these are by far the most trying and maybe challenging times of our generation. We wanted to send this note to inform and update all on our next steps as a church family.            

We want everyone to be clear on where the church leadership stands on all issues and what our plans are, effective immediately. Please be patient with us as the Pastors. Most of us are not working full-time at the church and we are doing the best we can in handling this “never before” crisis.          

We want to be sure that we do not send out any information that will create more fear, chaos, and/or miscommunication. Most importantly, we want to be sure there is ONE message communicated to our family & friends.               

After deciding to do an online service last Sunday (watch HERE)​, our leadership started meeting early Monday morning to form a plan. By early afternoon, that plan was already obsolete. In case you haven’t followed, two main recommendations that impact our church are: 

  • Governor Ducey’s request on Sunday to follow CDC recommendations that events of 50+ people be canceled for the next 8 weeks.
  • Trump administration’s recommendation that we avoid social gatherings of 10+ people for the next fifteen days.

In light of these recommendations — and knowing the situation is fluid and can change tomorrow— here is what we are doing at Redemption Alhambra:           

1.) We are suspending all events, classes, and services until further notice. Since nearly all of our organized ministries are larger than 10 people, this seems wise to do. We will abide by the law of the land by not gathering as a collective body until further notice. This is not a faith issue but we choose joy, freedom, and compliance with the wisdom of leaders over religion and routine to keep our families and community safe.

2.) We are encouraging all of our people to joyfully serve their neighbors by taking this crisis seriously and to adjust their lives by freeing themselves of comforts and focusing on the needs of others and themselves.  

3.) We will create a weekly, live “online service” that will be available beginning at 10am on Sundays. A few things to know: you can access this service either on Alhambra’s YouTube channel or Facebook channel. These will be live-streamed services and we encourage you to gather your families on Sunday mornings and interact with us in the comments so we can engage The Word together.

4.) We are postponing the Countercultural Convictions series until we can resume meeting in-person. In the meantime, our weekly teaching will be related to The Lord’s Prayer from Matthew 6:7-13. Our Kids Team is producing a weekly activity for parents to do with kids — the goal is for this to be highly doable, and it can be done on Sundays or during the week. Our Youth Ministry (RSU) is going to have ways for the youth to interact around the Lord’s Prayer weekly. R/Kids IG Page HERE — RSU Website HERE & IG Page HERE

5.) We are experimenting with a few other touchpoints during the week:

Digital Togetherness​ — Every weekday, our Pastors are between all social​ outlets live-streaming worship, teaching, encouragement, and much more. These are at random times throughout the week, so just be on the lookout and join whenever possible for a quick re-centering. 

Redemption Communities​ — Our RCs are getting really creative with how​ they gather. Many are meeting virtually, others are breaking up into smaller pods, many are calling each other regularly. Please do not disconnect​ from your RC. There are so many ways to connect! For more details, click HERE

Open, Safe Prayer Space​ – We will have the Learning Center & Gilbert Prayer​ Garden open from 8 am – 3 pm, Monday – Thursday. The aim here is to create an opportunity and space for meditation, silence, guided prayer, or restful solitude. We will have peaceful music playing. You can sit in the garden, or at tables in the Learning Center. There will be a max of 10 peopleat a time in the space and we​ are taking every precaution to keep it clean and disinfected frequently. Of course, we ask that everyone please be aware of their own health and the safety of others and not utilize this space if there is any​ sign of illness that could spread to the community.

6.) We need to work hard to stay in touch with each other. We are a church family, and we need to stay connected via phone, text, email, or any other kind of communication. “Social distancing” does not equal isolation. If any RC leader needs help in utilizing technology to “meet” with their RC family, please contact Pastor Josh.

7.) If you are struggling financially, please let leadership know. We may not be able to help with all “wants” but food, care, and prayer. You can email Anthony at or fill out this​ simple FORM.

8.) We humbly ask you to continue to give financially — and to do it online. God still wants us all to trust him financially, and our mission isn’t stopping — even if some components are paused. If you normally give in person, please consider giving online during this season. Good news… despite not meeting, we still met budget this week. Thank you!             

9.) Please ensure to stay connected to our main Church social media pages: FacebookInstagramTwitter, as well as to our elders: AaronWayneJohnJoshKyle 

10.) If you would like to be added to our Email List for updates on top of social media posts, please subscribe HERE

These are unprecedented times, and we have a faithful God. We want to be careful and concerned without becoming fearful and anxious. Let us also be prayerful, anticipating the ways God will grow our faith in Him, our love for one another, and our opportunities for gospel growth.

You are deeply loved by your Father and all your Elders. 

– Aaron, Wayne, John, Kyle, Josh, Jim