From my heart to yours: Words of encouragement and direction from Pastor Wayne and the Elders

March 27, 2020  |  Wayne Wynter

Greetings family,

During this time of global pandemic, quarantines and social distancing we want to still connect with you for continued spiritual growth and discipleship. Many of the ways we’re doing this are through the use of technology. We seek to provide our family with both spiritual and natural resources during this time

1st we encourage our family to stay connected with the RCs you are a part of even more than before. Let’s share our prayer requests and needs with one another as we seek to be there for one another in wise ways that are led by the spirit. This is the ground the church was founded on in Acts. It was a testimony to the presence of God amongst the people of God. When others witnessed the love and support amongst the Saints through various struggles it attracted others to want to be in the family as well. 

That being said this isn’t a time to slow down inviting people into our fellowships be it virtual or limited but rather more of a time to allow others to see our God at work during a time that people are scared and focused on the individual. 

Resources for our local body in these difficult times

I would like to connect our family to several resources that may help during this time and beyond.

Pastoral Care 

Prayer requests and connecting with a Pastor

  • Some of you have been on self-quarantine because of age, sickness, or social distancing. This time can be exceptionally difficult and leave you feeling isolated and alone. If this is you, and you desire prayer or to simply connect with one of your pastors please let us know. We would love to connect with you virtually or by phone. If you would like to share a prayer request or schedule a meeting with one of our pastors via zoom please click this link: 

Spiritual direction with Pastor John

  • During this season, Pastor John will be offering spiritual direction through ZOOM. The fifty-minute session, depending on need and timing, may be one-on-one or a small group. Our time together will include 
  1. Silence for listening to God and space for the Spirit’s ministry of peace,
  2. An opportunity to listen to one another’s stirring of mind and heart (without judgment or self-censoring)
  3. Sharing of our gifting (see 1 Corinthians 14).
  • All you need is the internet and a device with a camera. If you want to participate, Just copy and paste this email in your email browser And message Pastor John: jdelhousaye@ps.ed

Natural Resources to help through these times.

Foodbox (Resources are limited & primarily available for Members and Regular Attendees)

  • If you would like an emergency food box to help through these times our outreach team would love to serve you. To schedule an appointment to pick up a food box please email our outreach team. Just copy and paste this email in your email browser:

Generosity & Donations

  • In the book of Acts, we see a description of the early church that shows them bearing one another’s burden together. This included the rich and the poor, the jew and the gentile. Every aspect of the body was called to participate in God’s mission. Everyone’s needs were met through the community of believers coming together in sacrificial ways and trusting God. As we continue to serve our family and the poor in our community during these times we are so thankful for the generous hearts of the fam trusting God. With that in mind, we continue to call on your generosity as then lord leads. A couple of specific ways we’re asking

  1. Donating items: A few things we can use to continue building food boxes for our families and curbside neighbors are Tissue (even if it’s just one role)  or paper towels, new or used Instapots, or Crockpots, Cooking oil, Fruits that can be peeled such as banana or oranges. Canned and boxed goods, food, hygiene items, etc. If you would like to donate any of these items or have questions please email the outreach team to schedule a drop off appointment.  Just copy and paste this email in your email browser: O
  2. Continued giving to our local body as we co continue the mission through these times in flexible ways while preparing for what’s next. To share with tithes/offerings or special gifts outside of your normal giving as the Lord leads please leverage push pay by clicking this link: Give 


  • Our outreach team has created safe ways to serve our community if you are willing to volunteer. From sorting and putting up donations, to meal prep, dropping off food. Please let us know if you can help and we will get you connected. To let us know Just copy and paste this email in your email browser and send us a message:

Spiritual resources for at-home discipleship and growth

One of the beautiful realities of this time is the opportunity for there to be more intentional discipleship in our homes amongst our families and friends. We want to connect our fam to a few really helpful tools that have come available during this time and have already been available but can be used even more now.


  • Dwell is one of my favorite audio Bible apps. Specifically for it’s diversity and creativity. This app comes with a monthly subscription but has been made available for our body through my personal group absolutely free for 60 days.

The Bible Project: 

  • The BibleProject wanted to create a resource that could serve families, small groups, and individuals during this unique time. We are delivering a weekly “Church at Home” guide every weekend right to your inbox. To learn more and sign up follow this link:!

Right Now Media:

  • RIGHT NOW MEDIA IS LIKE THE NETFLIX OF SPIRITUAL GROWTH”. It’s an online library of thousands of video resources that provide practical teaching on all kinds of subjects. Redemption church offers a free subscription with right now media. To sign up click this link:

Well, family, I love you and know this post was long but truly hope it’s helpful to you. All the elders and I truly miss you all. 

Much Love,

Pastor Wayne & all the Elders