Holy Week Family Activities

April 2, 2020  |  Micah Dailey

This is such a special week for us as Christ followers! We can read about and meditate on the last week before Jesus’s death and see how incredible our Father is in His plan to save us! There were so many powerful events, lessons and conversations that happened so we only chose a few to focus on along with an activity for the whole family.

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 Palm Sunday

During the day make palm branches with the template provided. Use anything you have to make the palms, any color of paper, newspaper, whatever you have! Decorate the dinner table with palm branches and talk about the meaning of Hosanna! Maybe read the passage at your dinner table!

 Matthew 21:1-16

Monday – Wednesday

Jesus spent much of these days teaching and visiting people. Here are a couple of passages you could read and some fun family activities to do.  Do them in any order! And do as many as you want to.

Matthew 22:1-10 – The Wedding Feast

For dinner one of these nights get dressed up fancy! Read the story and talk about the wedding feast from this passage. Also talk about someone you could invite over for dinner after this crazy season!  Someone you could invite to dinner after the quarantine!

Matthew 25:31-45 – Sheep and Goats

Jesus talked a lot about loving others. In this section of scripture he’s encouraging those who have cared for the marginalized. Take some time to maybe make a card or a picture that could encourage someone. Then as a family plan who you could give it to. Drive by and drop it off at their door, or maybe send it in the mail. Also make a plan for how to care for people who need some kind of support!

Matthew 26:1-13 – The Woman Anointed Jesus With Perfume.

Jesus explains that the woman is preparing him for burial. She seemed to understand  that Jesus truly was the savior! Spend some time talking about our savior and what the next few days were going to look like for him. The scavenger hunt below will help as you discuss it!


This is such an important day in this week! Read Matthew 26:26-30. Reading about the Passover and the sweetness of what Jesus was doing with his disciples is a powerful time! After they ate they sang a hymn (verse 30), have a song prepared to sing together after you do communion. Start to set the mood of what is about to happen to Jesus!

Ahead of time make your own yummy banana bread! (Or other sweet bread you prefer). Talk about Jesus saying He is the bread of life (John 6:35)! We don’t eat moldy old bread, we eat fresh delicious bread! Here’s a great Banana Bread recipe.


Friday would have been an incredibly hard day!  Our savior died! Read Matthew 27:1-61. (For younger kids recap instead of reading so you can keep their attention for the whole story)Take time to do one of these crafts and talk about how his disciples and followers would have felt.  How His Father felt!

Make a play-doh or coin covered cross. If you don’t have play-doh, cook up some homemade play-doh and use the template below to form a cross, then draw faces on the people. How do you think they feel looking at the cross?


This would have been a long day as God’s people waited for Jesus to return!  Continue discussing what that would have been like. Make these yummy rolls today but no one can eat them until Sunday! Use this time to talk about anticipation! Your kids will be anticipating getting to eat this sweet treat, people were anticipating the return of their sweet savior!

Easter Sunday

Watch the sunrise together! Plan on going on a walk or hike and watch as the sun rises! Read about the beautiful day of Jesus’s resurrection! Bring your resurrection rolls and read Matthew 28:1-10, notice that your rolls are empty just like the tomb!

Here is an amazing video that tells the story beautifully! 

While you’re watching, make this super cool craft! We have nativity scene displays for Christmas, make one for Easter!