R/MEN Week 2: Continuing The Journey

March 1, 2022  |  Wayne Wynter

Last week, we committed to pray for wisdom daily and meditated on 1 Kings 3:1-15. Solomon is about to inherit the kingdom from his father, David, and goes to God to pray for wisdom. 

Two brief reflections:

  1. In v7, Solomon refers to himself as a child lacking knowledge. We know Solomon is in his twenties at this time so to hear him refer to himself as a child is interesting. It seems to acknowledge the need for growth and maturity. He acknowledges there is much he doesnt know. I think this posture in our hearts sets the stage to actually receive wisdom. When we go to God in prayer humbly aware of our personal immaturity and lack…we come needy. The opposite is praying for something you don’t actually feel we are in desperate need of.
  1. In v9, Solomon specifically asks for a discerning heart to distinguish between right and wrong, he comments on how large or great in number the people were and how they belong to God. I think for many of us we pray and seek wisdom but we imagine a work that starts in the head. At this point, Solomon prays for a work that starts in the heart. His acknowledgment of how great the people were in number reminds us that every task God gives is good and bigger than us. Whether it’s being a brother, friend, father, husband, or leader of any kind (including yourself), we should go into it aware of how great the mission is. Then remember that the person God has called you to be a brother, friend, father, husband, or leader of any kind (including yourself), belongs to God. In the same way, we would give the best direction we can to someone who was caring for something that belongs to us, so it is with God as we seek wisdom for what belongs to him. Our prayer for wisdom is to steward what belongs to him rightly.

I know there are many other reflections on this passage and hope you have had some robust discussion in your groups. Remember as you share with your groups, you are also receiving from them while they are receiving from you.

As we commit to prayer, one of the verses I shared last week was 1 Corinthians 2:1-8. In this verse, Paul compares worldly wisdom to Godly wisdom. To get a better view of Godly wisdom for week 2, let’s sync up together participating in an 8-week overview of wisdom from the bible project app. If you do not already have the app here is a link to download it. (There are many other helpful resources on this app!)

Once you have downloaded the app, go to the section labeled podcast and scroll down to the one titled Wisdom. This is an 8 episode series and we will listen to one episode a week sharing our reflections and thoughts in our groups each weekl. Here are a few tips for engaging with the podcast.

  1. Week 1 starts this week with episode 1.
  1. This is an interactive podcast with scriptures and important information mentioned in the podcast populating onto your screen as you listen. (I have specifically enjoyed this and highly encourage it. I like to listen and watch while riding at the gym and other times set aside for interactive engagement). 
  1. Many of us have busy lives and struggle looking for time to slow down. While I encourage finding a way to make time, please remember this is a podcast that can be merely listened to as you walk, drive, jog, or just in your home as you do other things.
  1. If for some reason the app doesn’t work well for you and you would like to engage directly on your computer or mobile device, HERE is a direct link to the wisdom series on their website. While this direct link is not interactive like the app, it may be beneficial in ways the app is not.

As you listen and engage, remember to pray for wisdom each day. Also, remember to engage in your groups and receive wisdom through the reflection of others. Lastly, keeping a journal on your journey of wisdom will help you remember the things the Lord will speak to you as you go.