R/MEN Week 3-8: The Wisdom Journey

March 8, 2022  |  Wayne Wynter

As we continue our journey through wisdom, I wanted to ask my brothers to commit and hold each other accountable to 3 things.


I ask each of us to commit to praying and petitioning the Lord to give you the spirit of wisdom. Also, pray for your brothers asking the Lord to bless them as well. We are committing to pray for wisdom every day.


Im asking each of us to be intentional to participate by engaging the suggested teaching each week. Then share with the brothers in your group thoughts the Lord is engaging your heart with on the current lesson. Take the week to slowly listen/read as often as you would like, journaling your thoughts and sharing them with each other.


As the Lord disciples our hearts in wise living, let’s also commit to putting it all into practice. Are there areas of your life where God may be challenging or encouraging you to apply or seek more wisdom? The Lord calls us to live wisely in our relationships as sons, friends, employees, students, brothers, fathers, husbands, etc.. These are also areas that are challenging to wise living. The fall has created a tension that makes walking in wisdom in context to others hard. Yet even the tensions and challenges of our human relationships can be used by God to disciple our hearts in wise living so go through, and learn well.

If you are just joining us in this journey on week 3, I strongly encourage you to go back to week 1 and catch up as each week builds on the next.

Last week we started an 8-week overview of wisdom from the bible project app. If you do not already have the app here are the links to download it (there are many other helpful resources on this app)!

Below you’ll find a breakdown for weeks 1 through 8. I’ll also include a direct link to each podcast episode on The Bible Project’s website. (Note: these episodes are more interactive in the Bible Project mobile app).

  1. Week 1 – March 1st  http://bibleproject.com/podcast/intro-wisdom-literature
  1. Week 2 – March 7th http://bibleproject.com/podcast/wisdom-series-proverbs
  1. Week 3 – March 14th http://bibleproject.com/podcast/wisdom-series-ecclesiastes-part-1
  1. Week 4 – March 21st http://bibleproject.com/podcast/wisdom-series-part-2
  1. Week 5 – March 28th http://bibleproject.com/podcast/wisdom-series-job-part-1
  1. Week 6 – April 4th http://bibleproject.com/podcast/wisdom-series-job-part-2
  1. Week 7 – April 11th http://bibleproject.com/podcast/wisdom-series-job-part-3
  1. Week 8 – April 18th http://bibleproject.com/podcast/tree-knowing-good-bad