Sunrise Service: Hope in Regathering

September 3, 2020  |  Micah Dailey

It’s hard to believe that the last time we came together for a service was on Ash Wednesday. 

I think I can speak for everyone when I say that as we entered into Lent on that day, none of us knew exactly what we were preparing for, or how deeply we would have to lean in to the practices of prayer, fasting, reflection, and solitude. 

Maybe that’s why this Sunday, as the first rays of light grew in the courtyard, I had a feeling like Easter. While Jesus was in the tomb, His body remained broken and separated from life in the world — but on Sunday, His body was gathered together again, and raised to new life. To me, our regathering was a reenactment of the resurrection.

After a long and painful separation, we were able to see the Body back together again, in the flesh! 

As Pastor Aaron so beautifully reminded us, we too have been broken and physically separated during this time, in a way that God never intended us to be. We too have been in many “tombs” of isolation, temptation, grief, illness, and economic hardship. 

And many of those tombs are still there. This season is by no means over. But for me, seeing us gathered in the courtyard in the early morning was a signal for things to come. It was a signal of hope, of healing, and of restoration. It was a reminder of the resurrection of Jesus, and a taste of the world that’s coming. This Sunday, I heard — as if from a distance — the shout of victory that Jesus will one day raise over the whole world, when He comes again and every separation is finally mended, and every tomb is finally broken!  

– Kristin Caynor

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