Volunteer Opportunities

June 10, 2021  |  Micah Dailey

As we journey through the book of Nehemiah this summer, our theme is Unite & Rebuild. Nehemiah tells us about a people rebuilding after a long time in exile. For many of us, after a year of cultural upheavals and a major pandemic, we too feel a similar tension. As we examine how the community of believers came together to rebuild the wall despite opposition, we want to contextually examine ways we as a body of believers can come together to rebuild as well.

Nehemiah saw himself as rebuilding not just a wall but a people. To do this he called them to join together in the common work and mission of their God. Here are some specific ways you can join in and participate as God restores and rebuilds at Redemption Church Alhambra.


As we look forward to serving God on his mission through this church, our kids are a very big part of that mission and we need your help. To volunteer with our children’s ministry, R/Kids, use this form to sign-up


Our City is the local mission field our church has been planted in. We are dedicated to being a reflection of Gods kingdom in our community. To learn more regarding how to volunteer and participate in our call to engage our community as part of our outreach team, R/City, please email us alhambra.rcity@redemptionaz.com


Serving one another in hospitality and caring for our campus are two very important aspects of our community. To learn more about how you can join our Hospitalty team or Fascilties team, contact gladysperez@redemptionaz.com